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Today's episode, #394, is a little different. I have nine different guests today… not all at once, but sequentially in today's episode.

Many people have started podcasts (or similar projects) during the pandemic. I've started two (Habitual Excellence and My Favorite Mistake) in addition to this series that's about to hit its 15th birthday).

Some of my guests today started a podcast during the pandemic… some of them were already going. Most of them are doing podcasts related to Lean (and one is a college buddy who has an HR podcast). We've all been part of a formal networking group recently that we call “Lean Communicators.” I have experiences to share with them, but I'm also looking to learn from what they're learning as they get started — what new ideas or best practices was I missing?

My guests and their projects are (in order of appearance):

GuestPodcast or Project
Bella EnglebachThe Edges of Lean
Jon Thurmond The #HRSocialHour Half Hour
Brian BuckPeople, Purpose and Profits Business Coaching Podcast (and YouTube)
Jamie V. ParkerLean Leadership For Ops Managers
Brion HurleyLean Six Sigma Bursts and Lean Six Sigma for Good
Deondra WardelleHigh Five Fridays (and more to come)
Paul CritchleyThe New England Lean Podcast
Sam Morgan90 Second Purpose and C.I. in 5 (YouTube)
Patrick AdamsThe Lean Solutions Podcast

I talk with each guest about why they started their podcast or video series, what they've learned, and more.

You can listen to the audio or watch the video, below.

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For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/394.

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