My New Weekly Blog Post Release Schedule — Lean, Mistakes, and More


Since I've started two new podcast series during the pandemic, it's been admittedly a little chaotic about what gets published when. It was probably a mistake to not have a predictable schedule for each.

I've been recording so many great episodes of “My Favorite Mistake” that I decided to make this a twice-a-week series. So I plan to be settling into this rhythm and cadence — better late than never:

I realize this is about two hours of audio each week, but I know not everybody is going to listen to every series and every episode.

Oh, and when we do new episodes of “Lean Whiskey” (every month or so), those will be released on Fridays.

I hope you enjoy, learn from, and get inspired by some of it.

My latest “My Favorite Mistake” is another guest from the Lean community, Jamie V. Parker:

After this next week's episodes, I'm also excited to feature two of the leaders behind an award-winning distillery, as they'll share mistakes from the production side of whiskey making and the business side… and why “fessing up to mistakes” is part of their culture.

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