Some Recent Episodes of the “Habitual Excellence” Podcast


Back in May, I shared the first episode of a podcast that I'm producing for the firm Value Capture… it's called “Habitual Excellence.”

I won't do a blog post here for each new episode, but I did want to share the recent episodes together in this post if you'd like to listen and catch up over the holiday weekend in the U.S. (or wherever you are).

  • #1: Paul O'Neill on “The Irreducible Components of Leadership Needed to Achieve Continuous Learning and Continuous Improvement”
  • #2: Ken Segel on Leadership in the Covid-19 Era
  • #3: Tony Milian on Preoccupation with Failure (High Reliability Organizations)
  • #4: Ken Segel on Theoretical Limits and Zero Harm
  • #5: Geoff Webster on Habitual Excellence
  • #6: Bill O'Rourke on Using Mr. O'Neill's “Playbook”
  • Bonus: Paul O'Neill on Dignity and Respect
  • #7: Dr. Lisa Yerian on “Patients First” at Cleveland Clinic
  • #8: Dr. Paul DeChant on Burnout and Covid-19

It's been a real honor and a pleasure to produce and host this series.

The main podcast page has information about how you can subscribe. More episodes will continue on a weekly basis.

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