Podcast #321 – Mark Hamel on “Lean Math,” Kaizen, People, and More


My guest for episode #321 of the podcast is Mark Hamel, He is a partner and COO with The Murli Group. Mark is a two-time recipient of the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award for his books The Kaizen Event Fieldbook and his most recent book Lean Math, the reason we got together for this episode (although we talked about other things too).

You can find him on LinkedIn and as @MarkRHamel on Twitter. Check out the Lean Math website, too. I was happy to endorse his book, and you can read that here.

I hope you enjoy the discussion, which is about people as much as it is about math.

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Topics and notes for this episode:

  • Your background… how were you introduced to Lean?
    • 19 years in industry
    • Lean consulting work for14 years
  • Implementation vs transformation?
  • Your books…. 2 time Shingo Research Award recipient
    • Kaizen Event Fieldbook
    • Kaizen and Kaizen Events (Kaikaiku)
      • Start small kaizen a few years in after events? George K
      • Doing both… kaizen and events
    • Lean Math
      • Deciding if events are successful – probably there is some math involved
      • I've heard some say, incorrectly, that Lean is only qualitative (they imply Six Sigma is the only quantitative approach)… your thoughts on that?
      • What's the gap? Target condition?
        • Are we just guessing?
      • “People need to learn how to think”

Video of Mark:

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