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I often play the role of host and moderator for KaiNexus webinars, but I was asked to be the main presenter for our webinar that I gave on July 27.

Update: Here is a preview blog post about the webinar on the KaiNexus blog that includes a podcast we did previewing the webinar:

The team at KaiNexus has asked me to talk about a topic that's near and dear to me… the need to engage everybody in bottom-up improvement. Why do we find “strength in numbers” when we engage everybody? Click here or on the image below to register to view the recording:

We often talk about HOW to engage people in continuous improvement. That's important and we'll touch on that, but I'll also share some research about the WHY and some other thoughts about engaging people (and how to reach our executives who we'd like to support such efforts and culture change.

Why is it important and necessary to engage everybody?

Why do organizations miss out by not engaging everybody in improvement?

How do we know and predict that 80% of improvement results will come from small front-line driven improvements?

More from the preview post:

In this webinar preview interview, Mark cited The Idea-Driven Organization by Alan Robinson and Dean Schroeder, which discusses a division of Coca Cola in Sweden that found that 80% of the financial benefit of improvement came from front line ideas.

Why so much?

Because there's so much more potential for ideas there than from top-down projects.

That's something we see in a lot of other organizations. The authors refer to this phenomenon as the 80/20 Principle, in which 80% of the improvement potential of any organization is in the front line staff.

Tune in to the webinar to find out and be a part of the Q&A discussion. A recording will also be available and you'll be notified of that if you register and can't attend live. It will also be available through our webinar library, our YouTube channel, and our podcast series (audio only without the slides).

Past webinars via YouTube:


I hope you can join me.

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  1. Mark Graban says

    Here is a summary of the webinar, with a few quotes including what I said:

    “When I first got involved in healthcare 10 years ago, there was no shortage of bulletin boards in hospital settings. But those boards usually just accumulate information over time with nothing ever being taken down. There’s clutter, you can’t find the most urgent information, so we don’t mean just typical bulletin boards,” said Mark, continuing to explain that barren boards are also not good improvement boards. “The key is to make sure the board is being populated. It’s not the board that’s important but the engagement and the leadership behaviours. If you have the board without a methodology or the right leadership that board is just going to end up being a different kind of waste of space than the super-cluttery announcement board.”

  2. Mark Graban says

    Also see this post I wrote on LinkedIn that has some thoughts from the webinar and some attendee comments on their biggest challenges that get in the way of improvement.

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