Flashback Friday: Past Super Bowl-Related #Lean Posts


Sunday is the Super Bowl here in the United States.

Past Super Bowl games and telecasts have led to some Lean-related posts.

Below is a collection of those posts.

What will happen this Sunday? Another example of error proofing (or a lack thereof)? An example of poor process? Commercials that touch on Lean? Or just a good game?

Process Problem: #NFL #SuperBowl #CoinToss, A Defect & Rework

Random Super Bowl XLIX Lean-Like Moments – Katy Perry and GE

Learning from Super Bowl Coaches

GM's Lame Superbowl Ad

Super Bowl Commercial: American Factories? You Can't Do That! Really?

American-Made Footballs in the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Footballs – Made in America (Ohio!)

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. MTS says

    It was a great game yesterday. Never give up!

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