Podcast #241 – @DanMarkovitz, “Building the Fit Organization,” Part 1


Joining me for Episode #241 is a returning guest and friend of mine, Dan Markovitz (@DanMarkovitz on Twitter). He was a guest on Episodes #135 (talking about A Factory of One) and #52 (talking more generally about office Lean). He has also written a number of guest posts here. Oh, and he has his own blog.

Today we're talking about his most recent book Building the Fit Organization: Six Core Principles for Making Your Company Stronger, Faster, and More Competitive, which, like his first book, is a recipient of the Shingo Research and Publication Award. Congrats!

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We ended up doing two episodes to cover the six main themes of the book. Today, we're covering the first three:

  • Commit to improvement.
  • Increase value. Don't cut costs.
  • Think horizontally.

We also chat about the parallels between personal fitness and organizational “fitness,” the idea of being “fit” versus being “Lean,” and finding the right balance in using Japanese words or not. It was a fun conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

Part two of the podcast will be released either as episode #242 or #243.

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