Video Podcast with Paul Akers, Discussing His Book “Lean Health”

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My friend Paul Akers has a new book out called Lean Health. Just looking at the cover, you can see his weight loss and fitness improve over the past few years. It's quite inspiring.

Paul has made the book available in many formats. I've been listening to the free audio book that he's made available through YouTube. You can buy it through Amazon and get it as a free PDF and in other formats through his website.

He has been a guest on my podcast before (episodes 122 and 136).

I also released it as a regular audio podcast, but also experimented with doing a live broadcast of our podcast interview…

Here's the recording:

Out of curiosity, how many of you still have YouTube blocked by your workplace or employer? It's a shame that companies do that. Yeah, YouTube can be a huge time waster, but there's also so much free educational content out there… anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now.

Paul's description of the book:

If I were to summarize my entire book in one word it would be “Ferrari.” The secret to excellent health–the answer–is to treat your body like you would treat a Ferrari. A Ferrari is the archetype of a sports car, one of the most precise and high performance machines ever made. It is exotic, fast, agile and beautiful. If you take the same care of your body as you would a Ferrari–using only the best fuel and regularly taking it to the best mechanic for maintenance–your body will give you ten times what you put into it, for the duration of your life. So ask yourself, “Do I treat my body like a Ferrari or a Pinto?”

As I'm sure Paul would agree… this isn't about a new year's resolution or a fitness program… it's about adopting a new, healthier lifestyle… sort of like Practicing Lean in our lives and workplaces? Paul contributed a chapter, which you can preview here, to my eBook Practicing Lean.

Thanks to Paul for all he does to learn, share, and inspire people!

Happy New Year!

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