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Episode #237 is, like the last episode, a bit different… but in a different way. My guest is my friend Paul Akers, author of the new book Lean Health. Paul was previously a guest for Episode 136, where he talked about his book 2 Second Lean and also for Episode 122. Today, we're talking about his new book, just released.

What's different about this podcast is that I attempted to broadcast it live via YouTube. We eventually got there, but not until after some errors I made (and reflected upon here).

What appears here is an edited audio-only version of our conversation, which includes some questions from live viewers.

Paul has put a lot of time and money into this book. You can buy it on Amazon or download a FREE version as a PDF or audiobook via his webpage.

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For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/237.

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Here is the video of our discussion, which includes a few times when Paul's video cut out, unfortunately (which was edited out of the audio).

Topics and questions included:

  • How did the book “Lean Health” come to be?
  • What are your health results so far?
  • How did you learn these lessons and practices?
  • Do the things that work for you necessarily work for others?
  • How can people get past “new year's resolution” into a lifestyle change that lasts?
  • What was the PROCESS for creating the book and its different formats?
  • How can people find, read, listen, etc?

More “Lean Health” Videos with Paul Akers

Thanks to Paul for sharing his results, his process, and his book!

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