The 10 Most Popular LeanBlog Posts for the First Half of 2014


We're halfway through the year. What reflections do you have on how the first half of the year is going for you, your team, and your organization? Is it time to “Adjust” as part of the PDSA cycle? Do you have a “strategy deployment” process in place?

Here are some of the most popular posts (based on the number of page views) from the first half of this year. There are two lists — one that shows the popularity regardless of when it was published and one showing only those posts that were published this year.

Have a great weekend (a holiday weekend, Independence Day, here in the U.S.).

10 Most Read Posts in 2014 Regardless of Publication Date

  1. Links to Dilbert Cartoons on #Lean and/or #SixSigma (2011)
  2. Kaizen & Idea Boards Spotted at Society for Health Systems Conference (2013)
  3. Lean Quotes Collection (2006)
  4. A Video Showing Office 5S Gone Wrong (2012)
  5. Don't Threaten People with This Famous Dr. Deming Quote (2013)
  6. Statistics on Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Problems – Errors & Harm (2009)
  7. How a Simple Office Kanban System Works at the Lean Enterprise Institute (2010)
  8. Video: Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 & Today… a Huge Difference (2014)
  9. Toyota, Respect for People (or “Humanity”) and Lean (2013)
  10. Fighting “We've Always Done It This Way” in Workplaces & Baseball (2014)

10 Most Read Posts Written in 2014

  1. Video: Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 & Today… a Huge Difference
  2. Fighting “We've Always Done It This Way” in Workplaces & Baseball
  3. Is it Lean's Fault or the Old Management System's?
  4. “It's Gotten Political” in Saskatchewan Lean Healthcare. Of Course.
  5. Lean Thinking: We Don't Blame Individuals for Systemic Errors
  6. Is it a Bad Idea to Pay a Lean Consultant Based on a Percentage of Cost Savings?
  7. #Lean: Clarifying Push, Pull, and Flow in a Hospital; the Patient “Pulls”
  8. How to Create a Dysfunctional Culture Where Employees & Customers Are Unhappy
  9. How Do You Make Time for Improvement? Here are Nine Takes
  10. Good Questions, But With Some Misunderstandings about Lean Healthcare

Did you have a post that was a favorite or was, somehow, particularly helpful or interesting?

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  1. Joel Gross says

    I’ve actually gotten a lot of use from the post “How to Create a Dysfunctional Culture Where Employees & Customers Are Unhappy”. It sounds insane, but these things are happening every day, in ways that are both subtle and obvious. I find myself thinking back to this article often when I see the less visible, less blatant ways in which we continue to suppress our people. So, thank you for providing a great source of reflection for me, Mark.

    And, embarrassingly I must confess that I do have Nada Surf on several of my personal playlists. Let’s just say I needed the advice growing up . . . and probably still do.

    1. Mark Graban says

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Joel. I hope you are enjoying blogging there are The KaiZone.

  2. R says

    Least Read Blog Posts:

    • L.E.A.N. – what does it stand for?
    • Links to Family Circus cartoons on #Lean #SixSigma featuring excessive travel in the yard by Jeffy
    • Top Quotes from Deming that contain cuss words
    • Running with Scissors – proof that not all ideas are good ones
    • Video – “Why respect for people should depend on whether or not I like you”
    • Making Time for Improvement using Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity
    • My Mother the Car – how a 60’s sitcom pioneered the analogy between patient care and automotive manufacturing
    • Signs, posters, & buttons: cutting-edge patient safety strategies from around the country
    • Increasing profitability by managing paper-clip consumption using Kanban
    • Blame is Underrated – a candid interview with Bill Buckner

    1. Mark Graban says

      Very funny!

      Look at all this wasted motion.


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