Recommended Webinar on Monday: Lean in an Academic Medical Setting; U-M Health System Faces Challenges


If you liked my January 2011 podcast with Jack Billi, MD, from the University of Michigan Health System and Medical School, be sure to check out this free webinar on Monday, December 10, delivered by MIT:

Lean Thinking in an Academic Medical Center—The Beat Goes On

I'm sure it will be well worth your time. Click here to register.

Times are tough, however, at U of M – as they are at many hospitals around the world (read about the health system problems in Greece…). From on Thursday:

CEO Ora Pescovitz emails staff: U-M Health System needs to cut expenses

It will be interesting to hear if Dr. Billi addresses this:

  • How is Lean part of the solution to the cost problem?
  • Does a situation like this create fear that hampers improvement?

In November, the Health System asked all of its department heads to figure out how to cut costs. Plans include attrition management, reduced appointments, reduced overtime, reduced temporary staff and contract labor, as well as “savings from improvements in supply chain efforts,” according to the email.

Read the email from the CEO to staff.

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