Weekend Fun: This Park Puts the K in Quality


Near our old home in the Fort Worth, Texas area was this city park in Southlake. The sign always made me do a double take when driving by… Koalaty Park. WTF?

The spelling (which I'm sure is intentional… for some reason) will make any kwality professional kringe kuietly.  I haven't been able to find out anything online about the origins of the park's name. I guess I could call the City of Southlake offices….

Why is the park's name spelled this way?

There is a local company called “Koalaty Cleaners” — I wonder if they sponsored the park?

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  1. Karen Martin says

    OK, so you got me Googling. Seems it’s an Australian version of the word quality – Koala + quality. Your local cleaner, Koalaty Cleaners, has a Koala in its logo. So I’ll bet they hail from down under. As for the owners’ possible connection to the park, my Googling yielded nada. Fun!

  2. Jeromy says

    I think it was Demming that said, “you can’t spell koalaty without koala.”

    1. Mark Graban says

      Ironically, you misspelled Deming’s name :-)

      1. Jeromy says

        Well have you seen how I spell my name? Seriously, who spells Jeremy with an O?

  3. Rob Worth says

    Karen is on the right track, but the cleaning company named itself after the park which is named after an educational method called Koalaty Kid from New Zealand. See all in their blog from 2010:


    1. Mark Graban says

      Thanks for the research. It’s still a strange name for park, I think.

  4. Brian Buck says

    Maybe it is related to a KOA camping site (Kampgrounds of America). I could not find it on KOA.com though.

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