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Being a big fan of what the guys at LeanPub are doing (listen to my podcasts with them here and here), I created a new compilation of sports-related posts from my blog dating back to 2005. The book is not-so-creatively titled:

Lean Blog: Sports –  Lean Concepts in Sports and Lean Lessons from Sports.

I'll share a bit in this post about the process and the book…

One cool feature of LeanPub is their ability to pull in blog content via an RSS feed. Since I blog on WordPress, it's easy to pull an RSS feed that's tied to a particular “tag” – like Sports. LeanPub then made it easy for me to make edits offline — fixing typos and bad links, clarifying some things, and adding some new reflections or updates since the post was originally published online.

My earlier LeanPub projects were just chronological compilations of posts from 2011 and 2012. For this eBook, I've organized the posts into chapters by sport:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Miscellaneous Sports

I also added a “what is Lean?” introduction and an “about the author” at the end.

Since LeanPub has a “set your own pricing” model, the minimum price is $2.99 and the recommended price is $5.99. You can, if you like, choose to pay more if you appreciate my work.

Lean Blog: Sports is the equivalent of a 200-page paperback. When you buy it through LeanPub, you get:

  • PDF (with no DRM)
  • ePub (for Nook, etc.)
  • .MOBI (for Kindle)

You can email the book to your Kindle or manually install it via other methods.

I'm going to also submit this to the Kindle store for the more traditional buying and easy installation method.

As with all LeanPub books, you'll get free updates. I'll add more content to the eBook  occasionally  as I blog more about sports.

The eBook also contains guest posts from Mike Thelen and Chad Walters, with their permission.

p.s.  My next  traditionally-published book Healthcare Kaizen  will be released on June 27.

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