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I stumbled across this site a few week ago and would have shared it for April Fools' Day if I hadn't presented a joke of my own, the A3 Sensei app.

This site,, purports to be a group called “The International Six Sigma Institute and Secret Society for Imperious Professionals of Process Improvement.”

There are a lot of gems throughout the site, as this appears to the ben home for somebody's annual April Fools' Joke of their own.

One fun gag is the “Instant Six Sigma Certification.” Put your nose on the screen, seriously, give it a try (Requires Flash).

It certified me as a “Magenta Belt.” I have a certificate to prove it :-)

Their joke for 2010 was the “Lean Six Sigma WonderFunProject Activity Book!” There's a lot of fun stuff in there and they guarantee you will be able to get certified when done with the activity book. My favorite page is probably the connect-the-dots control chart:

And different than my fake iPad tablet application, The ISSISSIPPI folks, for 2011, announced they are bringing their training to tablets, as well.

As this press release suggests, apparently the company is behind this brilliant site. Thanks to them for their creativity and for the laughs.

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  1. Christian Paulsen says


    Thanks for sharing this site. I just received my Six Sigma Jolly Roger Belt and ordered the matching boots. I didn’t know 6 sigma could be so easy! And I almost signed up for an expensive class….


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