Sad but Funny Fake Ford Reality Show on the "Onion News Network"


I feel a bit insensitive posting this video considering the continued plant closure announcements in the auto industry and Chrysler's bankruptcy, but don't blame me, blame “The Onion” (the web's funniest fake news)…

But, keep in mind this video makes fun of the media and Ford executives… not the auto workers.

I'll add a synopsis and commentary after the video for those who find this blocked at work (YouTube is an alternate source, maybe the same IT blockage issues).

Autoworkers Compete to Keep Jobs, Livelihoods on New Reality Show

In their inane “Today NOW!” morning show, the hosts describe a new (Fake) reality show called “Auto Warriors” where the workers at two Ford plants compete in “The Apprentice” type challenges to see which factory of the two remains open. The Today NOW! hosts are wide-eyed and chuckling, not seeing the pain involved in anyone losing their job (“It's high-stakes fun!”)

The host says, “The challenges are pretty wild! Trying to produce more cars than the factory is equipped to handle, working with outdated equipment…”

And the Ford worker says, “Well it's all normal part of working at the plant, really the only change is that there's cameras everywhere… and now the bosses make us follow the OSHA rules…”

Sad, but funny.

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  1. Michael Lombard says

    When the Ford worker said that about the OSHA rules, I literally laughed out loud. That guy was the best part of the whole video, only because he was the voice of reason among a bunch of uncaring clowns. Really, really clever stuff.

  2. Mark Graban says

    Mike — yes, you see why I’m saying this video doesn’t make fun of the workers. They often ARE the only voice of reason!

  3. MikeNZ says

    Tradegy can make the best humour Mark, unfortunately just reading the “Union Locals Try to Get Factories Off GM’s Plant-closing list” seems to make this unreal show seem even closer to reality than it deserves to be. There is something intensely sad about “Competing to be taken off a list of 16 GM plants to be closed”.

    Our thoughts have to go to the men and women that get squeezed out of this process.

    Kind regards,


  4. Bryan says

    This wouldn’t be funny if there were not an element of truth underlying the premise.

    Interestingly enough, a reality show would probably get more managers in the genba, where they belong.

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