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Toyota Poised to Make Shift in North America –

Interesting WSJ comment from this recent piece about planned management changes in North America.

Jim Lentz, Toyota's head of North American sales, said Wednesday it was “premature” to talk of a shake-up in Toyota's U.S. operation. He was responding to an article in the Detroit News that suggested Toyota would overhaul management, perhaps by combining sales and manufacturing operations under one executive.

Speaking on the sidelines of the New York Auto Show, Mr. Lentz said the company's manufacturing operations in Erlanger, Ky., and its sales offices in Torrance, Calif., work well together.

“All of the North American presidents get together and discuss challenges,” he said. “There are no surprises.”

Someone named Tim Phelps wrote:

As a twenty-two year employee of Toyota and actually building the first Toyota vehicle in North America, I welcome the management change. Toyota's Japanese Managers know how to successfully run the company and they have proved that TPS works very well. Why has every one else tried to copy the system? The Japanese place a high value on problem solving and kaizen, something their American counterparts thought they as individuals could deliver all the answers. Toyota NA really began to slide after the introduction after hiring of too many ex-GM mid and upper management gurus over the last fifteen years. Japan has finally recognized the mistakes of giving too much power to individuals who stray from the system and look out for individual interests instead of the product and company. Now we can get down to business and build the company up instead of neglecting it.

See? Toyota isn't perfect…

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  1. Wow finally the so called car of the year has been exposed as the disaster of the century. This car maker is not only dishonest, but because of their neglect has cost many families loss of life and continues to lie and cover up way too much. I can’t believe that they were once rated one of the best vehicles – per consumer’s reports. Who are these idiots that write these reports. Honestly, my family only a few of them own Toyotas, and they now wish they had purchased either GM or something solid. General motors for years has built quality vehicles, look around you still see cars from 30 – 40 years ago. Toyota’s president is a liar and so is the rest of his staff. I feel they get what they deserve. This only the beginning as some much more is being uncovered daily. PS does anyone know or has anyone experienced cracks in their windshield. Someone I know has replaced their windshield 3 times, it keeps cracking. I guess it is just another one of their stupid coverups. I think the enitire vehicle is crap, from front to back. BUY A GOOD CAR, SOMETHING CANADAIAN OR US. WAKE UP PEOPLE, YOU REALLY DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

  2. Morgan – you’re right to be angry about Toyota problems and to criticize them. But to say GM has built quality vehicles for 30-40 years just ignores history. GM has improved quality, but that’s a more recent phenomenon.

  3. Wow, so now all of Toyota’s problems are because of all the ex GMers huh? Well I guess it’s like they used to tell me when i was building their Tocomas…the Japanese do not make mistakes, other people do. Too funny. Once again, they won’t accept responsibility for screwing up…I’m not suprised.


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