A New Kaizen Event Survey for Hospitals


Last year, I conducted a survey in advance of my book, Lean Hospitals. I've been a bit lax about sharing some of the results that I didn't include in the book. One question was about the use of “events.”

As you can see in the results, 52.1% of hospital respondents use an “event” methodology as part or the whole of their Lean implementation approach. This seems in sync with what I see and hear talking to others — about half of hospitals are using events in some name or another.

I'm interested in doing another survey about the use of events — to collect more data points and to probe into this topic a bit more.

Click Here to take survey  (closed)

Please, only answer this survey if you are working in healthcare (hospital or otherwise). I'll publish results and we can have more discussion about Kaizen Events after the survey is completed.

I should have specified — one of the questions is if your organization does or does not use Kaizen Events. So, even if the answer is “no”, please visit the survey.

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