A Funny Example of Not Delivering "Value"?


How about that Lucas stadium view? | IndyStar.com

A photo of the new football stadium in Indianapolis (Lucas Stadium) is shown, at left (click for larger view).

To be fair, the Colts don't plan on selling these seats for football games, but it begs the question of “why put them in?” It reminds me of some of the famously obstructed view seats at Detroit's Tiger Stadium, which I visited many times as a kid.

There's more details about the seats in the article link at top.

I think the picture could maybe be used as a discussion example of how “value” is defined by the customer. If a football team defined value as “a seat for the game,” they could sell this seat and claim they delivered what you paid for. But most football fans would define value as actually being able to see the game, right?

As the article states, for *some* games, people might “just want to be there”…. so “value” would be defined differently in that case, right?


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  1. Dwain Scott says

    Looks like it would of been better for a concession area so people would not have to go as far during the game. Would probably make more money on beer sales than selling tickets to those seats.

    This would give 4 small concession areas in the nose bleed section.

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