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A New Sponsor: American LED-gible, Inc.


American LED-gible Products

I'd like to welcome American LED-gible ( as a sponsor on the Lean Blog.

About the company:

American LED-gible Incorporated has been in business since 1976 providing process control solutions for the workplace. We are a small, family owned and operated business. Manufacturing is done here in Columbus, Ohio.

I'm certainly happy to be promoting a company that is committed to American manufacturing. They told me many of their competitors are importing products, while they are remaining in Ohio. I asked American LED-gible if they indeed use their own products for supporting Lean production in their factory. Their response:

Yes, we use our products for different operations on the production floor.

  • Timers for wash time, clean up, testing,etc.
  • Production pace timers goal vs actual for pacing PC board fabrication/stuffing, wave soldering,etc.
  • Light indicators for process complete indication,etc. (mainly qc/testing)
  • LED alphanumeric boards for general data

As a Lean thinker, you will probably recognize the need for andon boards, takt time indicators, and other visual controls for a Lean factory (or any Lean environment, such as a hospital laboratory).

Look for their ad below in the left column and check out their products. Stay tuned for an exciting LeanBlog Contest. Thanks to American LED-gible's generous sponsorship, we'll be giving away a black 8 Gig iPod Nano (pre-loaded with all episodes of the LeanBlog Podcast, or a CD of them, your choice). Stay tuned for how to enter.

Click on the “Contest” link for some previous LeanBlog contests. This one will be another “submit a Lean story” type challenge.

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  1. Ron Pereira says

    They must be amazing… they are from Columbus, Ohio. Good man Mark. I know there is a Buckeye hiding deep inside of you. Give me a season or two and I will have you wearing Jim Tressel-like sweater vests. Ha!

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