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I routinely scan the list of keywords that people use in the course of finding the Lean Blog. It's sometimes interesting (I think) to share some of those here.

The most popular current terms aren't surprising: lean manufacturing, leanblog, lean blog, dilbert lean (always popular), standard work.

Some of the terms ARE interesting (starting with the most frequent):

  • 4 hits: “working in a completely demoralized manufacturing company ppt”
    • I wonder this is coming from? I can understand a demoralized manufacturing company, but is word getting around about some presentation that's supposedly out there? The Lean Blog comes up #2 in google for that term…. I don't see a good ppt on the topic.
  • 3 hits: “toyota principles and healthcare industry”
    • A favorite topic of mine. I'm still reading it, but Kevin Meyer found a lean healthcare blog that appears to be VERY negative on the topic. I'll probably post about that blog over the weekend. I'm very POSITIVE about the topic, because I know first-hand that lean can help in healthcare.
  • 1 hit: “toyota:strength and weakness?”
  • 1 hit: “93 7253 pill”
    • People are STILL confused by the generic Allegra pills and search google to make sure the pharmacy gave them the right pill. Lean Blog: providing generic drug information since 2006. We're not turning into WebMD, thankfully. The blog turns up #1 and #2 in google for that search, amazingly enough. The page is getting hits every day on that topic, mindboggling.
  • 1 hit: “the toyota way critics”
    • Haven't been real critical of the book or the concept here. Do you know folks who are? What do they criticize? The Toyota Way
  • 1 hit: “good catchy slogans”
    • This one comes up a lot. As a “Deming disciple,” I don't care much for catchy slogans.
  • 1 hit: “why does alan mulally fly on a private jets”

What are you searching for about lean? What topics should we be covering on the Lean Blog that we aren't? As always, I invite your comments and feedback.

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