Want to Live in a Model T Factory?


TipTop Apartments – Former Ford Plant

I was in Omaha, Nebraska yesterday and saw what looked like an old Ford factory near the airport. It had an old water tank on the top with a weathered Ford logo. The plant had apparently been turned into loft apartments. It looked just like the old pictures of the Highland Park plant and other auto plants of that era.

With a quick Google search, sure enough it was a Model T plant built in 1916, “strategically close to rail lines.” Lean thinking at Ford, I suppose.

That would be a cool place to live!


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  1. Mike Lopez says

    I went to undergraduate school in Omaha. One of my friends lived in this building. It was a really nice place. A lot of industrial buildings in Omaha are getting renovated into living spaces.

  2. Anonymous says

    I lived in the building in 2005 – it was wonderful! Nicely renovated, yet still had an old charm to it … highly reccomend it.

  3. Anonymous says

    I have a 1929 Model A Ford Two door Sedan that my dad purchased from the Omaha factory in 1929. It was the second one off the assembly line with two toned paint. Gun Metal Blue and Black. The cost was around $645.00 It has sense been completely professionally restored

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