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Did the MLB’s New Pitch Clock Rule Work? An In-Depth Analysis...

tl;dr: In the blog post, we delve into MLB's ongoing struggle with slow and lengthy games, analyzing recent rule changes aimed at reducing game...

The Power of Process: Interview With Matt Zayko and Eric Ethington

Scroll down for how to subscribe, transcript, and more My guests for Episode #430 of the Lean Blog Interviews Podcast are Eric Ethington and Matt Zayko, the...

Podcast #294 – Clay Linkous, Studer Group Principles & #Lean

Joining me for episode #294 is Clay Linkous, an account leader and speaker with Studer Group. He is an accomplished cultural transformation and leadership expert who has synthesized Lean and other improvement methods with Studer Group principles and practices. Today, we'll talk about Clay's career and his purpose and motivations - both for working in healthcare and improving healthcare. We're both firm believers in the combination of Studer and Lean practices, so we're also discussing that as our main topic. I hope you enjoy the discussion!

… But I Do Have Time for Fire Fighting

This recent tweet of mine struck a nerve, apparently, based on the number of times it was liked and retweeted -- "Heard often: "We don't have time for improvement." Heard never: "We don't have time for fire fighting."

Interview with Jim Womack, “The Machine That Changed The World” Revisited

Episode #19 of the Lean Blog Podcast brings the return of Jim Womack. Jim was sitting in Melbourne Australia, where he had been speaking...