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The Misleading Use of “YTD” Numbers to Evaluate Performance

In my travels, I see many organizations using Year-to-Date (YTD) numbers to evaluate performance. Some of it is in the context, at this moment,...

Are Minor League Baseball Games Getting Slower or Faster?

Are minor league games taking longer? Well, yes and no, depending on the league. My next book, Measures of Success, is about the use of this Process Behavior Chart methodology in the workplace, as applied to our performance measures.  This post explores some data, how asking for more data can be more helpful, and how to use charts to evaluate a metric over time.

“Measures of Success” — The Need for a Measured Response to...

Measures matter. The proper analysis of data and performance metrics allow us to separate good changes from bad, progress from stagnation. The methods in my book, Measures of Success, help us determine if our performance is getting better, getting worse, or essentially remains unchanged. Having the right set of balanced scorecard metrics is important. But the role of leaders is important, too. How do leaders interpret measures? How do they respond to changes in metrics? How do they know if a change is worth reacting to?

Line Charts vs. Column Charts for Metrics & Lean Daily Management

I’m talking about the use of “bar charts” vs. “line charts” when tracking performance measures through Lean Daily Management, Strategy Deployment, or other methods.