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Look Out! Be Careful! That Chart is Out of Control!?!

Here's the latest cartoon collaboration with a skilled artist and medical assistant, Carrie Schurman (see past cartoons). You can find her on Twitter as @carrieschurman. The idea for this cartoon came from Maggie Millard, the director of marketing at KaiNexus. Maggie has learned about Process Behavior Charts from me and some of the stories are incorporated into my book Measures of Success.  What does this "out of control chart" look like and why did it make me chuckle?

[Cartoon] The Elephant in the (Board) Room

Today's post is my eighth cartoon collaboration with a skilled artist and medical assistant, Carrie Schurman (see past cartoons).  You can find her on Twitter as @carrieschurman.

Santa’s Little Kaizeneers?

Thanks to my friend Sylvain for sending me this cartoon. It would have been more timely for me to share this before Christmas, but there's an opportunity for improvement. The cartoon series is called Real Life Adventures by Gary Wise and Lance Aldrich. This particular cartoon appeared on December 13, 2017. Here's the top part... please click through to their website to see the entire cartoon and I'll talk about it here in this post, sharing links to other blog posts and videos on the topic.

[Cartoon] Money to Burn / Dumpster Fire Fighting in Healthcare

We don't have money for improvement initiatives, but we do have money to burn on a daily basis due to poor quality and bad systems?

The Opposite of “Serious Emergency Care” [Cartoon]

Hospital billboards and health system advertising can be a curious thing. One ad that I see driving between San Antonio and Austin is one...

Cartoon: The Workplace “Brain Check Station”

Here's my latest cartoon collaboration with a skilled artist (and medical assistant), Carrie Schurman. You can see the whole series via this link. How many organizations ask...