Luke Van Dongen

Luke Van Dongen
Luke, an auto industry engineering veteran, blogged here from 2005 to 2006.

Everyday Lean

I've been very interested in applying lean to daily work routines and practices and have been (unfortunately very slowly) working on a series of...

Everyday Lean – Email Inventory

For the first installment of the Everyday Lean series, I thought I would stay with the email theme that originally got me started thinking...

Just-in-Time takes the blame

On March 3, Dana Corp., a key supplier of axles, brakes and truck frames to Detroit auto makers, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In...

Frustrated – Coping with Waste in Management Reviews

I've decided to write today about some personal frustration that I am experiencing as part of my daily work. My discontent stems from a...

Hidden Costs of Outsourcing

A friend sent me this article from CNN Money. It's not often that you see a mainstream article that provides data to refute the...

Fixing GM

Yesterday The Detroit Free Press published a collection of comments from auto industry analysts and GM leaders in a piece titled "5 Ways to...

Tiny Jets

The New York Times published an article today around the F.A.A.'s annual aviation forecast."In its annual aviation forecast, the F.A.A. projected sharply higher levels...

Paperless Boardroom at Toyota

Article LinkI found this story today about the newly developed 'Paperless' Boardroom at Toyota. By utilizing and combining IT technologies a boardroom was...

Toyota Boosts Commitment to Ontario

Article from Toronto's Globe & Mail - Toyota Revs up plans for Ontario plant: Toyota announced a 50% increase in planned production at it's...

How much complexity is too much?

The Wharton School of Business publishes internet articles and editorial content bi-weekly covering a wide range of business topics and research. You can sign...

Airlines Expected to Lose More $$ in ’06

Article LinkWorldwide, airlines are expected to lose $4 billion in 2006, despite continuing growth in air travel. Air traffic was up 7.5% in 2005...

Adding Value Vs. Removing Cost

Article LinkYesterday an article titled "Learning from Toyota - Again" by John Teresko was published on The focus of Teresko's article is...