Happy 4th Birthday to “Measures of Success” — Paperback Copies for $20


Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of the paperback release of my book Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More.

Long story short, I'm running a limited-time sale to celebrate.

Looking back to the release, I took an odd approach, perhaps, in that the eBook and Kindle version were available first, in August 2018, I think.

I wanted to test my hypothesis about people being willing to buy the book. Once I saw eBook sales start coming in (and positive feedback), I made the investment in getting the paperback book created (a professional page design and layout process). By the way, the phrase “self-publishing” is a misnomer. My company is the publisher, but I didn't do it myself!

For my next book, The Mistakes That Make Us, my company will be the publisher again, but the plan is to launch Kindle and paperback versions together at the same time. Probably this summer. But I need to finish the manuscript first! I'm almost there. That's my main focus these days, finishing that up.

Amazon has sold over 5,000 copies to date (a total of both formats). A relatively small number of books have been sold through other channels, including direct sales through me. One advantage of being the publisher is that I can see real-time data from Amazon and IngramSpark. For previous books, I have to ask my former editor to run a report.

To celebrate the book's birthday (or anniversary) — and to celebrate the irony of a small printing mistake on the newly-updated cover (the subtitle almost runs off the page). My next book is about learning from mistakes, so it's an opportunity for me to practice being kind to myself.

The mistake should be fixed for future printings. Thanks to “on-demand printing,” I don't have a garage full of slightly-defective copies. The interior of the book is just fine.

A limited supply of this “limited edition” is available at a sale price of $20, including shipping (for U.S. mailing addresses).


I love hearing stories from people who have used the book, personally or in their organizations. If you're willing to share something with me about that, please contact me and share your story. I'd love to connect and maybe I can send you one of these books with the slight “defect.”

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