The Connections Between Joy in Work and Habitual Excellence, via Value Capture


I wanted to share a blog post that I wrote for the Value Capture Blog:

The Connections Between Joy in Work and Habitual Excellence

In the post, I share notes from a presentation that Rich gave at the Michigan Lean Consortium annual conference in August.

The next day, Ken Segel (CEO of Value Capture) and I gave a joint presentation on the “Playbook” principles of the late Paul O'Neill. Scroll down to learn how to register for an upcoming free webinar version of that talk.

There were a lot of things that Rich said that resonated with me (and Ken) and there was a very similar spirit even if some of the words were different.

Scroll down to find links to podcasts that I've recorded with Rich and Paul in the past…

Excerpt from the Post:

“[Rich is] a great speaker, very thought-provoking. Looking back at my notes, this was the first thing I jotted down:

“The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it's conformity.”

Rich says he and his company are “committed to non-conforming ways of doing things.”

My thoughts: Now, non-conforming isn't always going to be better, but when you commit to not just accepting the status quo, you have the potential for great things to happen.

If you're a healthcare leader, how can you inspire beneficial non-conformity? Can you decide to not conform to the typical thinking about patient harm? To have better thinking and better actions?

Can you commit to zero harm instead of saying that you want to be 5% better or that you want to be in the top decile compared to others?

Ken and I are also doing a free webinar version of that presentation, version 2.1 that's tailored a bit more to a healthcare leadership audience (version 1.0 of the talk was for people from many industries). But all are welcome!

My Podcast With Paul O'Neill:

See the original post (and episode) or my later reflections on it:

My Podcasts With Rich Sheridan:

Please check out my previous podcasts with Rich, Episodes 189 and 448.

We hope you'll join us on the 18th!

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