My Online Poll About Mistakes and Success


I recently posted a poll / survey on Linkedin that I'd love to have you participate in (voting is closed, scroll down to see the results).

As I teed it up there:

“I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this question, as much as we can generalize… and as much as we all have our own definition of “success.”

After you vote, I'd love to hear your comments on the question. If your answer is different from the top response, why do you think that is?”

Can we generalize? What do you say? How does this compare with what our organizations seem to know? Or how leaders behave?

Do the most highly successful people:

  • Manage to make fewer mistakes
  • Make the same # of mistakes, but they learn from them
  • Make more mistakes, therefore have more learning

Please vote and join in on the discussion.

The results:

Are you surprised by those results? If individuals realize that more mistakes means more learning (when we don't deny or hide our mistakes), why do organizations seem to not realize this?

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