New eBook — Lasting Impact: Leaders Share Lessons From Paul O’Neill


As I blogged about back in August, the team at Value Capture released an eBook that was built around transcripts of speeches by the late Paul H. O'Neill, Sr.

Today would have been Mr. O'Neill's 85th birthday, so Value Capture has chosen this as the date to release a second free eBook:

Lasting Impact: Leaders Share Lessons From Paul H. O'Neill, Sr.

This book, written by George Taninecz, shares thoughts, reflections, stories, and quotes from people who worked with (and learned from) Mr. O'Neill in some capacity.

This list of contributors includes people that readers of this blog might likely know or know of, such as:

Kathryn Correia
President and CEO
Legacy Health

Gary Kaplan, MD
Chairman and CEO
Virginia Mason Health System

Richard Shannon, MD
Chief Quality Officer
Duke Health

Dr. Steven Spear, DBA MS MS
Principal, HVE LLC
Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School

John Toussaint, MD
Executive Chairman

The eBook is available as a free PDF.

Unlike the first book, we do not anticipate this second book being available as a Kindle eBook or as a paperback.

This new book includes a foreword by Paul O'Neill, Jr.

Sections of the book are titled:

  • New Approach to Leadership
  • Uncommon Leadership Characteristics  
  • Lead as O'Neill Led
  • Lasting Impressions

The introduction to the book says:

“Paul O'Neill's career was a succession of significant achievements, from his time at the United States Office of Management and Budget to his work transforming the quality of healthcare (see Paul O'Neill's Path on page 7). But despite his passing on April 18, 2020, his achievements continue and will multiply long after his death.

O'Neill left an indelible impression on those who knew him. He gave individuals a perspective of leadership like none they had encountered and might ever see again, forever changing their understanding of what it means to be a leader. His leadership behaviors and the principles he adhered to encouraged others to pursue similar paths; seeing O'Neill lead in unconventional ways that they themselves were attempting gave them the courage and confidence to follow their own moral imperatives. Today his leadership traits are wielded and shared by many executives in the healthcare industry as they carry forth what they learned from O'Neill, positively altering cultures, colleagues, and organizations in dynamic and lasting ways.”

I hope you'll check out the book. I really enjoyed reading it and I think you'll find a lot of inspiration there.

And, to hear more from him in his own words, here is the podcast that I did with Mr. O'Neill back in 2011:

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