“My Favorite Mistake” Episode #18: Audie Penn on Getting Fired for Being Good at Lean


I'm excited that Episode #18 of my new podcast “My Favorite Mistake” is now released!

You can listen to it (or watch it or read a podcast) via my MarkGraban.com website:

Episode #18: Audie Penn and His “Favorite Mistake” That Got Him Fired

My guest today is Audie Penn, an operational performance consultant at Audie Penn Consulting — meaning he's a Lean consultant (like some of my guests).

Audie shares a story, from early in his career, where he got fired for solving what had appeared to be an unsolvable on-time delivery problem — he was technically correct, but embarrassed at least one key person… who then fired Audie. It's a good cautionary tale for change agents and it's one that Audie has learned from… check it out!

I'll post a link to each episode here on my blog on Mondays and Thursdays. I hope you find it to be interesting and thought provoking!

Thanks for listening and/or watching!

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  1. Ahmed Radwan says

    Very impressive and inspiring podcast

    Mark, could you please share that video of the nurse you mentioned. Thank you

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