“My Favorite Mistake” Episode #7: Matt Granados


I'm excited that the seventh episode of my new podcast “My Favorite Mistake” is now released!

You can listen to it and learn more via my MarkGraban.com website:

Episode #7: Matt Granados on “My Favorite Mistake” — Being the Last to Know, Professionally or Personally

My guest is Matt Granados, the cofounder of LifePulse, Inc., a consulting, coaching, and speaking organization. He is also the author of the recently-released book, Motivate The Unmotivated: The Proven System for Sustainable Motivation. He and his wife also have a podcast called REALationship.

Matt bravely shares some stories where he said he was “the last to know” about a major problem — both professionally and personally. Matt has learned from these mistakes in a way that has made him a better coach and a more effective business owner. As Lean practitioners, we might realize that assumptions are bad and questions are good and motivation is complicated (and often individualized)… Matt will also explore that in our conversation.


I'll post a link to each weekly episode here on my blog. I hope you find it to be interesting and thought provoking!

Thanks for listening and/or watching!

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