“My Favorite Mistake” Episode #11: Donnis Todd & Dan Garrison


I'm excited that Episode #11 of my new podcast “My Favorite Mistake” is now released!

You can listen to it and learn more via my MarkGraban.com website:

Episode #11: Donnis Todd and Dan Garrison on Their “Favorite Mistakes” in Making and Selling Texas Bourbon Whiskey

My latest episode has two guests from Garrison Brothers Distillery — Dan Garrison the founder and CEO and Donnis Todd, the master distiller.

I've blogged before about visiting and volunteering at the distillery and I'll share links below. In the episode, Dan and Donnis both talk about a mistake they've each made and what they've learned from them. More importantly (and relevant to Lean practitioners), they talk about how they've created a culture where it's safe to “fess up to mistakes” and why that's important.

I'll post a link to each episode here on my blog on Mondays and Thursdays. I hope you find it to be interesting and thought provoking!

Thanks for listening and/or watching!

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