Some New Lean Podcasts From My Friends


Many people have been starting podcasts during the pandemic and I think that's great. The more the merrier into Lean podcast circles!

I've launched two new podcasts during the pandemic:

The Lean Solutions Podcast

Patrick Adams started this podcast, The Lean Solutions Podcast, and he had me as his guest for Episode #9, talking about my book Measures of Success.

Apple Podcasts link

He was kind enough to allow me to post the video episode on my YouTube channel since he's not getting set up there until later this year.

The New England Lean Podcast

My friend Paul Critchley has also started a podcast called The New England Lean Podcast. Apple Podcasts link.

Here is his most recent episode, with Mark Crowley:

Paul also has his podcasts on YouTube:

Lean Leadership for Ops Managers 

My friend Jamie V. Parker has also started a podcast, which you can find on Apple Podcasts.

Here is an episode about “Why is Lean so hard?”

I hope you'll check out their podcasts… subscribe, rate, and review…

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