Podcast #384 — Craig Gygi on the “Truth About Data”

Craig Gygi

Joining me today for Episode #384 of the podcast is Craig Gygi, co-author of the book Six Sigma for Dummies. He also managing principal and owner of the firm Strategic Productivity. You can read his full bio there. He also has an online course called “Truth About Data” which covers statistical process control for business metrics, as I have written about.

So, we have that shared interest in data, statistical methods, and problem solving even if he comes at it from a Six Sigma perspective (starting from his days at Motorola) and me from a Lean perspective.

Craig's previous leadership roles include:

  • COO, Purple
  • Executive VP of Operations, MasterControl
  • Director Operational Excellence, Fiji Water

I hope you enjoy the conversation like I did. You can listen to the audio or watch the video, below.

Streaming Audio Player:

Video of the Episode:

For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/384.

Questions, Links, and More

  • From “Six Sigma” to data and leadership
    • Bad data or bad analysis?
  • Why then do you say there's a widespread naivete regarding data that's harming organizations and individuals?
  • Innumeracy book
  • Projects with bad before and after analysis (2 data points or one before and 3 after)
  • What's at the root of this data naivete? What's causing it?
  • You talk about “tampering.” What specifically is that and why do you say it's harmful/dangerous?
  • SPC is a solution to a problem people don't think is a problem? How to address this and bring people to the table?

Thanks for listening!


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  1. Larry McBride says

    Very impressive podcast presentation by Mr. Gygi.

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