Best of 2019 — Operational Excellence Mixtape Greatest Hits


Here are the most clicked articles of the last half of 2019 mixtapes:

Many of you were interested in links with interesting questions about operational excellence:

How Can There Be Standards in a Service Job When No Two Instances Are The Same?

Why Can't We See The Financial Impact of Continuous Improvement?

Is Quality a Strategy or an Operation?

7 Basic Quality Tools: Are They Underrated?

Why Doesn't Lean Have  A Seat at The Table?

Many were interested in improving your daily habits and huddles:

Making Lean Management Stick Using Atomic Habits

How We Improved Our Daily Tiered Huddles

Many clicked on listicles:

4 trends that are re-defining Healthcare Quality in 2019.

One more Customer Journey Mapping Mistake

4 Types of Lean People

Five Common Communication Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

Six Categories of Waste In Healthcare

Many of you were interested in scandalous behaviour:

Greed, Betrayal, and Medical Misconduct at North York General

Or how your Christmas presents are delivered:

The Inner Working of Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Or a great lean success story:

A Continuing Culture of Improvement at UMass Memorial Health

Happy Holidays and New Year!  Standard Mixtape to resume January 17th, 2020

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