Podcast #351 — Joel Tosi and Dion Stewart, “Creating Your Dojo”

Joel Tosi and Dion Stewart

Joining me for Episode #351 of the podcast are my friends Joel Tosi and Dion Stewart, co-founders of the company Dojo & Co.

They're the authors of the new book (to be released on November 19) called Creating Your Dojo: Upskill Your Organization for Digital Evolution.

A “dojo” is a learning environment — whether that's for the martial arts or if it's a “safety dojo” in a Toyota factory. Today, we talk about what it means to create an “immersive learning environment” in a workplace, such as a software company or a product development group within a larger company — the goal is more effective learning, progress, and adoption of new methods or products. It's interesting to think about how one might use a “dojo” in the context of Lean design or improvement efforts in a hopsital or other settings.

Joel, Dion, and I have collaborated before on a few events, including our Learning Symposium where we visited Toyota and Garrison Brothers Distillery last year.

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Questions, Topics, and Links:

  • Please introduce yourselves… your professional backgrounds and what you do
  • Software methods like Agile, Scrum, DevOps, Extreme Programming (XP)
    • Quality earlier in the process (not testing or inspecting it in)
    • Getting closer to the customer
  • Dojo environment
    • 6 weeks, full time
    • Not made up exercises
    • Learning and applying to the real work
  • “A Dojo is an in-house learning environment staffed by experienced coaches who guide your teams as they learn newer, more effective ways of working and building digital products. It's an ongoing forum where employees learn by doing. A place where information flows, ideas are exchanged, and experts collaborate as they develop and evolve top-quality real-world digital products.
    • A Dojo is an on-site innovation lab — one that's housed by you, run by you, and staffed by you for the sole purpose of creating your own world-class digital product development department.”
  • The dojo movement started at Target…
  • Their website

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