What Were the 10 Most Read LeanBlog.org Posts of the First Half of 2019?


Thanks everybody for reading my blog here in 2019! It's been an interesting year on the blog, as usual, and I appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to read and participate in the discussion. I hope this site will continue to be a part of your life in the second half of 2019.

I released 16 “Lean Blog Interviews” podcasts and I moved my podcasts to new hosts after some technical problems, as I wrote about. I was also happy to finally start the “Lean Whiskey” podcast series and I released four episodes of that. I also occasionally publish some “Lean Blog Audio” episodes — 19 of those.

Below are the ten most-read posts of the year, according to Google Analytics (popularity doesn't imply quality, but it's interesting to see what people are reading and sharing) — data through June 30.

You can also see which posts or pages have the most views, all time, since I started the blog in 2005.

Posts Written in the First Half of 2019

Here are the top 10 most-read posts:

  1. A Toyota Leader on Misunderstandings About the Toyota Production System — 6,465 views
  2. Family Guy Skewers Marie Kondo (and 5S and Lean too?) — 3,808 views
  3. I Can't Believe You Can't “Undo” This Thing in Microsoft Excel — 2,464 views
  4. When Having a Process Improvement Idea Means You're Weak? — 1,072 views
  5. Toyota as a “People Development Company” — 1,017 views
  6. Remembering Herb Kelleher: The Power of Authentically Engaging Employees — 840 views
  7. Effective and Sustainable Lean Transformation Requires Effective Change Leadership — 835 views
  8. Lean Should be the Solution to Hospital Overwork or Understaffing — 820 views
  9. Muda? Don't Forget About Mura and Muri!— 805 views
  10. Chernobyl: Data Without Context is Dangerous — 743 views

Older Posts That Were Popular

Some of these posts are habitually popular, appearing on this list every six months:

Thanks for being part of my community here! Thanks for reading and listening!

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