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Hi All – Summer in Manitoba requires part-time work, as the precious weeks of glorious weather need to be savoured and stored up for the grueling winters.  As such, I give you a summary of the most frequently clicked links from each mixtape from the first half of 2019.  Enjoy!

Best of the First Half of 2019:

Many readers checked out Anne-Marie Keown's summary of lessons in Planet Lean's How to transform a large hospital system

The SCARF model for organizational change proved interesting to many.  

Mixtape supporter Mark Graban shares his thoughts on adopting better management system tools in Being Open to Learning and Using Process Behaviour Charts

Measurement is always a hot topic among OpEx people, and the brilliant article The Ethics of Counting delivered many great insights.

Glenn Somerville reminded us of the need to dig deeper than “operator error” when diagnosing problems in A Big Problem With Problem Solving

Lean guru Pascal Dennis shared with us The Four Levels of Visual Management, a simple but nuanced model to improve how management and staff respond to problems.  Part Two was similarly popular. 

Jamie Bonini and John Shook reminded us that lean is not a toolset but a thinking and management system in Setting the Record Straight on Lean

Tom Brodbeck opines on why a new Winnipeg clinic will do little to reduce overcrowding in Emergency Departments.  

Quality systems need to be about more than documentation in order to actually improve quality and safety.  Shobhendu Prabhakar expounds on this topic in 5 Reasons Quality Failures and Safety Incidents Still Happen.

Adam Grant being his insightful self in How to Deal with Jerks Without Being a Jerk.  

Karen Martin points out that, sometimes the best data can be found by going to see, in Big Data Isn't Everything. Explore the Power of Little Data.

The standard Mixtape format will return in August.  

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