A Guaranteed, Simple Cookbook Roadmap for Risk-Free Lean Transformation Success



[Notes to ghostwriter… insert a snappy introduction that draws in the reader]

[Make a cookbook joke? Swedish Chef GIF or YouTube goes here perhaps — avoid potentially-offensive Muppets please]


[Joke about Lean transformation being messy – another GIF? Oscar the Grouch… that might be overdoing the Muppets thing. Should the title be “Everything the Muppets can Teach you About Lean Transformation”?]

[Relatable story about Lean transformation being challenging… humbling experience that doesn't shake the reader's confidence in the author a plus]

[Link to LEI Lean Transformation Summit goes here — EDIT: It's now just called “The Lean Summit” — please avoid snark]

[Insert funny movie clip here that illustrates overcoming adversity in a universally-appealing way]

[Insert roadmap / cookbook plan here… to be developed… hold blog post until draft is written]

[Tease future book… invitation to hire me as a speaker]

[Add GIF or Meme: maybe the “Success kid”]

[Insert previous book plugs – talk about how good they are, but in a humble way — MUST MENTION SHINGO PRIZES]

[Thank the reader]

[Note to writer — please delete this note, but I really appreciate your help]

[Insert April Fool's reference by 5 PM ET — IMPORTANT]

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  1. Rebecca Snelling says

    Can you turn this post into a MLM business opp? I’d love to get in near the top :)

    1. Mark Graban says

      Sure, I’ll contact you about sending me Bitcoin to get started.

    2. Chad says

      Make sure there’s a shareable image with an elegant font overlaid on weathered wood paneling and rusted framework…

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