“Movember” Fundraising – Why I Shaved For the First Time in 15 Years


Today is the start of the annual “Movember” fundraising movement where men grow mustaches to raise money and awareness for men's health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. I don't mean to ignore women's health issues or other cancer fundraising efforts, but this is what I'm participating in right now… so I thought I'd share.

Please click to donate, if you're so inclined. Any donation helps.

One of my KaiNexus colleagues, Jake Sussman, took the initiative to ask for men within the company to volunteer. Jake does a lot throughout the year to raise money for various charities and causes, including the Texas Mamma Jamma ride, a bike ride benefiting those affected by breast cancer. And, he's also doing a “century ride” (100 miles) this weekend from Houston to Galveston to raise funds and awareness for Autism. So, it's no surprise he's the ringleader of Movember for KaiNexus.

At my wife's urging, a grew a “goatee” over 15 years ago. Technically speaking, it's a “Van Dyke.” It doesn't always look exactly the same, but it's there. She likes it.

She wasn't thrilled when I mentioned Movember to her. But, there's a grand tradition of wives getting upset with husbands growing beards over the holidays or winter time.

Jake's a clean-shaven guy, so he's growing something.

For me, it meant shaving my lip and chin and starting from scratch.

So, here's the result, comparing a recent professional headshot to my computer webcam's selfie mode photo:

Yeah, I don't like it… beyond looking washed out and pale. Maybe it takes a few years off (less grey hair on my face). But, it maybe also adds a few pounds.

All of my book author photos and social media profile images have included facial hair. Many of you have never seen me without it (other than in my “Throwback Thursday” baby photo that I often use, ha ha).

I guess I'll post updates as the month goes on.

Are you participating in Movember? A few years back, I was traveling across Ontario, Canada with a KPMG Lean healthcare consultant who was in the middle of Movember. I've seen others do it, so it's my turn. This might be my one and only year.

Again, here is the link to donate if you'd like to help.



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