Off to Japan for a Week…


Today, I'm off to Japan for a week, so I might be away from the blog. I do have a podcast scheduled for release on Tuesday.

As I shared earlier, my friends from HonshaDarril Wilburn and Sammy Obara, who are former Toyota people and fellow Lean Enterprise Institute faculty members with me, invited me to come along to help facilitate discussions (including one about my book Measures of Success and connections to Lean management).

Also attending as their guest is Dan Markovitz, another friend of this blog and LEI faculty member. You can listen to my podcast episodes with Dan.

Learn more about the Honsha Executive Development Mission trips to Japan and maybe we can go together in the future.

Since I'm their guest, I'll probably sharing my thoughts and reflections on their Honsha blog.

If you'd like, you can read my blog posts about previous trips to Japan.

Last time, jet lag seemed to hit me really hard — worse than the two previous trips. So, I downloaded a free iPhone app called Timeshifter, which is supposed to coach you through surviving a 14-hour time difference. It says I will adjust by Thursday, which is time to start trying to adjust to my Texas time zone for my return next Sunday… except I don't imagine I'll be going to sleep at 8 pm next Saturday, as the app recommends…

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