Katie Anderson Interviews Me About “Measures of Success” – Win a Free eBook


Thanks to my friend Katie Anderson for writing a blog post about my latest book Measures of Success.

Visit the post and you'll see a link that goes to a book giveaway contest, where I am giving away (with Katie's help, of course), three copies of the eBook (the paperback book is coming later this year).

Katie writes, in part, about reading the book:

Throughout reading Measures of Success, I found myself nodding or chuckling in recognition of the scenarios that Mark describes about challenges or fallacies with how we use data in our organizations. I'm sure you will find yourself nodding too as you recognize your organization, self, or leadership team.

She asked me seven questions and you can read the answers in her blog post.

1. What problem were you trying to solve by writing this book? (aka – What was keeping you up at night?)

2. In your experience, why is it challenging for leaders and managers to adopt the use of process behavior charts to understand the impact of normal variation on processes?

3. You talk about how setting targets can perhaps distract organizations from achieving improvement. What do you counsel instead of target setting?

4. What are some of your recommended “go-to” questions to help management teams or leaders see that the way they are currently presenting data is not providing meaningful insights, that they are being reactive to normal variation in the system, or that their trend line is not demonstrating an actual trend?

5. What is something that you learned through the research or writing of this book?

6. What are you pondering now about how organizations use data or pursue improvement?

7. What is a question that you haven't been asked about “Measures of Success” that you would like to answer? And what is your answer?

Thanks again to Katie for asking questions and sharing this on her blog.

I also love the graphics that she did, including this one:

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Thanks for reading and listening!

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