Podcast #261 – Jamie Flinchbaugh, Talking About Lean


Joining me for Episode #261 is an old friend and trusted mentor, Jamie Flinchbaugh. Among other things, he's the co-author of the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lean. He writes for a number of publications, has his own blog, and was previously a guest blogger here on LeanBlog.org. He's a speaker, investor (including in KaiNexus), and a great guy.

Jamie was previously a guest on episodes #5, #6, #10#50 (where he interviewed me), and #64. We were long overdue for another one. This episode is intentionally more conversational than most, with no more of a plan than me asking Jamie, “What's new?”

He's also in final editing of a chapter for the book Practicing Lean, so I'm happy to be adding that to the book. Jamie is also going to be giving a keynote talk at our upcoming KaiNexus User Conference.

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For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/261.

Topics & links for this episode:

  • What are you thinking about and working on these days?
  • What's not working in the Lean community?
  • What's going well in the Lean community?
  • Lean is about behaviors, capabilities, not just tools
  • What's a “Lean zealot?”
  • A nook you're read recently NOT about Lean
  • A movie or TV show people might be surprised that you love
  • Lessons from soccer coaching?
  • An unpopular or lesser known whiskey you enjoy?
  • The eBook Practicing Lean (Jamie is finishing up a chapter for the book)
  • The 2016 KaiNexus User Conference

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