Podcast #253 – Ash Maurya, “Scaling #Lean” and #LeanStartup


Joining me for Episode #253 is Ash Maurya, author of the book Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works and his latest, being released this week, called Scaling Lean: Mastering the Key Metrics for Startup Growth. Ash is an entrepreneur and a big part of the “Lean Startup” community. Visit his website at www.LeanStack.com.

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For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/253.

Topics covered and links related to the podcast:

  • How did you get introduced to Lean?
  • The Toyota Way book
  • Eric Ries and The Lean Startup
  • What's “the entrepreneur's bias? Why is there a “bias to think ideas are awesome?”
  • Hospitals aren't factories, and neither are startups
  • What's a “customer factory” and how do you “make customers?”
  • Why is it important to prioritize waste even though “waste is everywhere?”
  • What's the Lean Canvas?
  • What's a “One Page Experiment Report” and how is it like an A3, but with a “falsifiable hypothesis?”
  • How did you get introduced to the Theory of Constraints

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Ash Maurya Webcast on June 16

Ash will be presenting a free webinar on June 16 at 2 pm ET. The session is a preview to the workshop he's leading at Lean Startup Week, Ash will go through the key metrics that are most useful when evaluating your business model and discuss the “precise interventions” to take when things go haywire, on the heels of his new book, Scaling Lean.

Videos with Ash Maurya

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