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HTT_Red-websiteI was recently interviewed for the Healthcare Tech Talk podcast, talking about Lean healthcare, Kaizen, and how IT professionals can get involved in these pursuits within a hospital or health system. I appreciate them having me on their show.

My episode:

Episode 23- Healthcare technology professionals can stop asking. Yes Lean transformation includes you!

It's interesting that the podcast is framed for IT folks as saying Lean is usually seen as an approach “that only applies to clinicians in the clinical setting.” The clinical folks often say it only applies in administrative settings! Everybody likes to focus on how they're different, even though Lean principles and methods are so widely applicable.

I hope you like the podcast. You can subscribe to their series via iTunes, Google Play, and their app for iOS or Android. Learn more at their site. My podcast series will return next week.

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  1. mike stoecklein says


    This was a great interview and had a lot of great messages. I see some potential connections related to the work we are doing at the Center related to Clinical Business Intelligence. I did a short youtube video with Julie Bartels. The link is here:


    1. Mark Graban says

      Thanks for sharing that, Mike!

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