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LEII'm happy to be attending two really outstanding events in the next two months and I hope to see you there! The picture at left shows rows of people sitting, listening, and taking notes. I think the best parts of a conference often include the networking and the people that you meet.

Here's what I'm attending in late February and early March – the Society for Health Systems and the Lean Transformation Summit:

Society for Health Systems – Healthcare Systems Improvement Conference

I think most of us still just call this the “SHS Conference.” It's being held in Orlando from February 21 to 24 (main days are noon on the 21st through noon on the 23rd). Here is the link for more information.

I've been an active member of SHS for many years and this is always a great conference. It's heavy on Lean practitioners and other process improvement folks. My friends and former podcast guests Karen Martin and Alan Glegorn are two of the dynamic keynote speakers.

I will be doing a breakout session called Two Data Points Are Not a Trend: Using SPC to Manage Better (an updated and improved version of this webinar that I did on using statistical process control to make better management decisions).

My Healthcare Kaizen co-author Joe Swartz will be presenting a session called Coaching for Lean and Kaizen (I'm listed as a co-presenter, but it's basically Joe's talk based on the work he's doing to coach people in his health system).

Lean Transformation Summit

While I attend SHS every single year, I normally make the LEI annual Lean summit every two or three years (since I attend the June healthcare event each year). Click to learn more and to register.

This event, of course, attracts people from nearly every industry to talk about Lean management principles and practices.

Here's a video of John Shook talking about the summit

One new thing that LEI is doing this year, in addition to the keynote talks and breakout sessions, is the chance for attendees to propose 10-minute presentations. The Lean Startup Conference has successfully utilized 10 to 20-minute presentations very effectively in the past and I'm glad to see LEI experimenting with this — getting more voices involved. Not everybody needs a 50-minute time slot. I'm going to submit a talk about the practice of Kaizen in healthcare and hope to have it accepted.

Maybe you'll submit something too?

Lean for Knowledge Work – San Antonio 3/12/14

Registration is now open for the “Lean for Knowledge Work” workshop that Jim Benson and I are running in San Antonio in March. Combine “Kaizen” (continuous improvement) and “Personal Kanban” into a powerful combination of Lean methods that apply in healthcare, software, education, government, non-profits and other settings!

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  1. Kevin says

    Agree – love the idea of 10 minute presentations. The 50-60 minute presentation is a fear barrier for even the brightest folks just getting started with speaking. Shorter presentations could help get some new, innovative, voices heard in the community – and we need that. Plus, most 50 minute talks I listen to could be condensed down to 10 minutes of real meat!

    1. Mark Graban says

      Yes – with 10 minutes, you get to make ONE point and make it well.

  2. Isaac Mitchell says

    Warning Shameless Plug! I will be attending the SHS conference as well and will be presenting on engaging frontline staff in Lean continuous improvement. The presentation and our kaizen model at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital are based off of many of the topics presented in Mark’s book “Healthcare Kaizen.” I invite all that are attending the conference to join me to learn about our applications of Kaizen and in addition provide feedback on how we can improve.

    -Topic: Redefine Expert: Engaging Frontline Staff in Lean Continuous Improvement
    -Date and Time: 2/22/14 at 9:00 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.
    -Location: SHS2014 – Orange B Room

    I look forward to seeing everyone at SHS in Orlando.

    1. Mark Graban says

      Thanks for making the plug, Isaac! I’m looking forward to seeing your talk after seeing the slides here in advance. Thanks for putting the ideas into action and thanks, especially, for sharing your progress.

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