Great Question from the ThedaCare Weekly Report Out – Respect

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I had a chance again today to attend ThedaCare's weekly “report out,” where a few hundred people gather in an auditorium to review and celebrate their “rapid improvement events” from the past week.

I think everybody should make the trip to Appleton to attend one of these (as they are open to the public). Update: These type of report outs are no longer happening.

2018 Update: What's Going on at ThedaCare?

It's inspiring to see the reflection, the progress, the joy, and the honesty that is demonstrated in these sessions (and I've been lucky to attend six or so over the last four years).

One key question that was discussed as a reflection for each RIE team:

“How is the new process more respectful of people?”

I love that question. It's a very powerful representation of their stance that, as Toyota would say, that the measurable benefits of improvement work are NOT the only thing that matters. Each team was able to explain how the new process was more respectful – respecting people's time, talents, and abilities. It's amazing to see.

2018 Update: What's Going on at ThedaCare?

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  1. Walter Reade says


    I’ve been to one of the ThedaCare report outs. I agree, it’s great to see the progress and the open exchange. Well worth the visit for those who can swing it.

  2. Koos Faber says

    Could not agree more. Human potential, often called the 8th type of waste, should be number 1!!

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