Podcast #176 – Norman Bodek, The Harada Method


Joining me once again for episode #176 is my mentor good friend Norman Bodek, who has been a guest many times here. Today, we are talking about his latest book, The Harada Method: The Spirit of Self-Reliance.

You can also learn more about the book and Norman's workshops at his website, PCSPress.com. As always, it's great to hear Norman talk about his interests and what he has learned in his trips to Japan, including Takashi Harada's work.

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  1. Kennie Yallop says

    I have already read this book over 5 five times. Each time reading, it gives me new insight and excitement, recall back as same feeling as when I read Deming’s book of out of the Crisis. I started to practice with the forms you sent to me and wrote the diary for a week. Surprisingly, I feel my change since the third day of writing! Now, I am back to the book again and try to work out the details systematically. Urgently need a mentor for myself, and lot of questions, I will bring them to your workshop soon. thanks Norman!

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