Fun Stuff from the #LeanMeme Contest


OK, this whole “Lean Meme” thing might seem really silly. I agree… but those of us doing work with Lean (in any industry) have serious jobs, so it's good to take some time to laugh.

Here are some of my favorites from the newly URL-ed site – either contest entries from readers (you can  enter through Sept 13) or my own work.

Most of the early entries take a Lean spin on common internet memes. But, we're also seeing Lean luminaries (like Jim Womack and Bruce Hamilton) being incorporated into meme-like humor.

Lame Pun Racoon

LINK – thanks, Chad Walters


Lean Fonz

Link – again, thanks Chad.


Good Job

Link – Thanks, Brian Buck


Extreme Makeover, Lean Edition

Link – By Mark Graban

We Need to Talk (Not About Breakfast)

Link – By Mark Graban

The Other Memes

There are more than 80 memes on the site and we're adding more. Visit for more fun

Copyright law is a bit murky with “meme” photos. In a way, it's all mild copyright infringement to use the photos (although it might fall under “parody.”) If you want to use any of the themes in presentations or in meetings to get a laugh, my suggestion is to give credit to the individual who came up with the words on the image and maybe give credit to

If you like individual meme images on the site, please share them via social media or “+1” them for Google Plus.

I hope the memes can help educate people about real Lean concepts… or at least they are fun.

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1 Comment
  1. yosefadjibaskoro says

    i like the Lean Fonz by Chad..had to stop me for a sec in the picture before i understand where is the A..very clever..

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