This Photo Seems Like the Definition of “Workaround”


This picture is absolutely classic, from the great website On their website, it was titled “Ultimate Laziness FAIL.” Looking in the workplace, how often is it easier (not “lazier” to workaround a problem (in the short term) in a way that causes bigger problems downstream?  How does your organization help people identify and fix the situations and problems that cause people to employ workarounds?

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: Ultimate Laziness FAIL
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  1. Agile Wannabee says

    I’m sure they delivered on time.

  2. Mansoor Hallaji says

    Great example/picture. Apart from the “workaround” piece which unfortunately is typical, I also wonder how long that tree log was actually there and people walked and/or drove by it w/o bothering to movie it out of the way.

  3. Patrick Anderson says

    I just drove past a striping crew last week. There were five or six people on the crew setting cones, driving and striping. I see occasional glitches like the one you show. Humorous.

  4. Tony Manos says

    Classic. My favorite part is that when the branch is finally gone the line will still be there and then everyone will just wonder what the heck line crew was doing!

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